Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to use Paypal in Pakistan via Payoneer Master Card

Payoneer is a payout company, works just like Paypal. It is not a long since when Payoneer started its journey under the membership of MSP (Member Service Provider) MasterCard. It provides you with a free MasterCard (Debit Card) which is accepted worldwide for payments & transactions.
Payoneer came into being in 2005 with its headquarter in New York, but due to the company’s awesome and reliable payment services its sub-branches have now been expanded all over the world. We’ll be telling you about every step you need to take in order to use Payoneer Master Card in Pakistan for withdrawal of your online funds from the local ATMs.

Payoneer MasterCard:

Payoneer offers both bank transfer facilities and MasterCard service to its users. I must say now almost ten billion people around the globe are using its services to transact their amounts within and out of their nations. Why not, its services are so reliable and quicker that it takes you only a few minutes to send and receive the amounts. If you are usingPayoneer MasterCard in Pakistan then let me tell you that living in a country like ours where Paypal and many other transaction services are not available, Payoneer is the most reliable and faster access to have your cash with you. Withdrawing cash from ATMs in Pakistan with Payoneer MasterCard is quite authentic and convenient.

New Users:

If you are a new user of Payoneer MasterCard and don’t know how to access its withdrawing services in Pakistan, then not to worry just follow the given easy steps to enjoy your amounts and transactions.
Note: If you don’t have an account with Payoneer, then first kindly create an account and apply for a MasterCard, it will reach you in Pakistan within 30 days, here is the link to apply for a new card, if you sign up via this below link, you’ll get $25 dollars for free when you activate your account and load money to it:

Step#1. Card Activation:

The very first step is the activation of the card. For this purpose, you can log-into your Payoneer account by visiting their website. Within your dashboard, you would see the highlighted links and directions of how to activate the card. Once the activation screen appears, you would insert your sixteen digit card number into it along with the chosen PIN. The time you have done it, your card would be activated by the company.

Step#2. Availability of Funds:

Of course before we withdraw amounts with Payoneer MasterCard, the funds should be available. If you have some clients abroad or working with an online company who is likely to upload the funds into your Payoneer then ask them to do so at their earliest so that you can see the funds to be available at the card. You can yourself add funds into your card via moneybooker, paypal or any other supportive online virtual account.

Step#3. Withdrawal of the Amount:

Now comes the time when you have to use Payoneer MasterCard at any ATM in Pakistan for withdrawing your amount. It is quite easy to use this card at the ATMs of Muslim Commercial Bank, Citi Bank, Faysal Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. Insert the card into the ATM machine and withdraw your funds, just like you are using a normal ATM card.

Step#4. Transaction Fees:

You should keep in mind that you would be charged a transaction fee of amount two hundred to five hundred rupees for every withdrawal of one thousand to two thousand PKR. Don’t take it to be a free to use card as usually ATM cards are, Payoneer MasterCard is supportive for getting the funds uploaded from all parts of the world, so it would definitely cost you somewhat higher for your withdrawals. Be aware to withdraw any amount more than two thousand within 24 hours, because it might lead your card get deactivated and decline your withdraw request by freezing your amount. Love it or not but this is true that these types of drawbacks are always to keep in mind while using Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan. But despite all these things, I must say Payoneer MasterCard is the only reliable and most convenient option to get payments in Pakistan from foreign clients, because unfortunately Paypal is not supported in our country.

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