Saturday, February 11, 2012 512GB Free Online Backup and Storage

Today I am back with new and most best review with a best service introduction. Are you interested in online file storage service? How much file storage capacity are you currently have in your package at the other storage services i.e Dropbox, MozyHome, SugarSyn etc?

Is there any storage provider in the world who can provide you unlimited online storage? Unlimited online storage more than 512GB? Do you know any provider who is offering more than 512GB free storage online? Probably not

Is it possible for any service provider to offer you unlimited storage space online? Yes It is possible. Let me tell you that “It is Possible” I am going to introduce the best Online storage space provider. It looks like a dream but it is true. A storage provider is offering unlimited online storage space. Yes it is possible now.

And it is
BeeCloud is a European online storage provider who is offering unlimited online storage. It is providing a very nice backup system. Now you don’t need to worry about data loss due to virus or due to hard drive issue. It backs up your data with online storage space. You can use up to 512GB of online space.

You can access your online data at any time, anywhere in the world. Almost all OS support is included in BeeCloud storage. You can use it with iPhone, iPad, Mac etc. It is fully automated backup system and if you don’t have any specific knowledge of online backup system you can still use it. It is for every one because it has a very good interface. You can even access streaming video and listen/watch these audio/video straight from your mobile or Wifi.

To access all the features and a 512GB of free storage space you just need to signup at a good thing about signup is that it does not require any credit card to complete the signup process and it works with LiveDrive. Lets start using an unlimited space for free.

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