Monday, June 13, 2011

Protect Children From Adult Content

Internet is becoming the Necessary part of everyone's life. The use of internet is depends on the user whether he/she use it for useful purpose or negative. Many Young girls and boys are using internet not for useful purpose. And sometimes due to maleware or any other reason children becomes victims to these websites which provide sexy or adult content that sets bad example. My age at the time (2011) is 20years and I have researched a lot about these materials i.e how to protect the children or ourself also from opening accidently or intentionally these adult sites. I have tried many softwares most of them occupy many MBs but the working is very low. Today I have searched a good software with free license to protect ourselves from the adult or sex content. So I am going to share the software. This software provides real time security of male ware protection as well as protecting from bad/adult/sexy content. Now you can save your children from adult websites.

The name of this great Software is id K9.

With Blue Coat K9 Web Protection, you don't have to wait for the latest security patch or upgrade, which can leave your computer vulnerable to new and evolving Web threats. K9 delivers the comprehensive protection you need automatically. With K9, you get the same advanced Web filtering technology used by enterprise and government institutions worldwide — all with a user-friendly interface that allows you to control Internet use in your home.
Blue Coat's Web filtering technology enables you to block entire categories of content, such as pornography or gambling, or block specific Web sites, such as Facebook.
In addition to filtering the categories or sites you choose, K9 also offers:
Real-time malware protection:
  • Blue Coat WebFilter helps identify and block illegal or undesirable content in real time, including malware-infected sites. You also benefit from the WebPulse cloud service, a growing community of more than 62 million users who provide more than six billion real-time Web content ratings per day.
Automatic content ratings :
  • New Web sites and pages are created every minute, and no one person can possibly rate or categorize all of them. To ensure protection against new or previously unrated Web sites, Blue Coat's patent-pending Dynamic Real-Time Rating™ (DRTR) technology automatically determines the category of an unrated Web page, and allows or blocks it according to your specifications.
Continuous protection that won't slow down your computer:
  • Caching is the method your Web browser uses to save frequently used data, which increases efficiency by reducing the amount of information requested over the Internet. K9 uses Blue Coat's unique caching technology, so your Internet experience is always as fast as possible.

Get FREE continuous protection against malware and inappropriate Web sites with Free License of One Year: Click the following link to download

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